Online audio player with volume left and right control

I think it would be very useful if exists an audio player with left and right control, exactly like “Player” component, but with online source:upside_down_face:


(this is the Kodular default component)

What is the problem with using the player component for this? If the sound stops after a while (which is the case on some devices), you will need to use a foreground service to prevent Doze mode.

The source cannot be an online URL with Player component, this is the problem. I don’t want to prevent Doze mode: of course this is another problem, but nevermind now:sweat_smile:

Since when? Have you tried it?
I don’t think so, or you used the wrong audio formats.

You are right, it’s possible, I’m sorry… I was trying with a YouTube link, but it is a video link and I didn’t think it cannot work in an audio player lol