Online Countdown Safe & Secure

Amazing @The_K_Studio :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Will it work when user has closed the app?? I mean when user restarts the app, the countdown will start where it left from?

Edit : Just saw the video and got my answer. Thanks



Try the Apk. It doesn’t work in the background but countdown will be updated when app re opened. :innocent:

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You are using tiny db for storing time data?
if yes then its not very secure because tiny db is easily hackable

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Tiny db is temporary used to store the selected time and date but anyone who want to use this logic can store it in online database.

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can I get the link for
Json to dictionary

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Great job​:+1:

Thanks for using my extension :blush:

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@Mohamed_Tamer Why not you publish your JsonToDictionary extension under a new topic. Many people don’t know about it and it is most useful extension when dealing with API response.


Wouldn’t this do the same thing without a countdown extension?


Wow! The block is huge! I will suggest that you can directly get the instant of date picker and time picker. Instead of Make Time from parts and get mills. Example:

I’m a little bit off-topic but please don’t flag me.

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Yes, possible. To avoid number of blocks I have used extension as it is now free.

Date picker and time instant is made from device local time so, it is not secure to use.

I don’t think :innocent:

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Thanks so much @The_K_Studio for share you work for free.
I have a question after read this:

What happens with the counter if I close the app and don’t have internet connection when app re opened ?
The counter can be disabled in this way ?
This point has not been clear to me for that reason my question.
Thanks in advance.

As I said,

If you open app without internet then it will say no internet but when you enable it, countdown will be resumed.


i was try that site but when thar sever down a few mont i dont use that site for online time

It is still working for me. There are number of Free Time and Date providing API. You can try with any.

How to set Time And Date Dynamically Without Manual Date & Time Picker .
I mean When Start Button Click It Automatically Set Duration For 1 Hours.

To set countdown time dynamically, Store it and fetch time from online database like firebase.

Hi i can’t understand how can I do this :pleading_face:.
Can you give me some block screenshot . I need
when Start button click then it set Duration for 1 or 2 hours automatic.

How can I do that!?

I can’t make the application stop working when disconnecting from the Internet and save the value and when the connection to the Internet returns to work from that value