Online image load

So, I made an app which uses airtable and cloudinary as databases, where user can post or view. What my app does is load the list of images and show using the card view extension. But loading image online seems like having a little stuck. More image= more stuck. I also have a good internet.

So what I would like to know is there any way to load online images without being stuck? Like android studio apps?

Your answer is appreciated.

try enabeling the asyncImageLoad and CacheImage


if this not works for you then you have to buys a grid card view extension.


Thank you Very much, but I’m using the card veiw extension. So any ideas for that component?

This extension might be helpful :point_down:


Thank you for your reply, will I be able to use this extension with the card view extension and create list of images? If yes. Could you tell me how?

Give it a try.

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you can use this grid card view extension -

I tried but I didn’t find anything to load a list of images into card view extension using it. Can someone help me with this?

Buy this extension

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But I’m asking anything that will work with card view extension.

I think it’s better than cardview extension


have u solved your problem or not? because i’m also going to use same method. and i’ll definitely face this problem. if you got solution to load images smootly like instagram plz. help me.

I haven’t solve my problem yet. But We have requested for a brad new custom list view with some feature including asyne image load, we may see this om future updates :wink: