Online users in the application

can someone give me a file aia or blocks to show users online in the application?
Thank you

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Use Firebase. Increment a value on Screen1 Initialize and decrement on App Stop.

tendrias los bloques que no se como hacerlo.

You would have the blocks that I do not know how to do it.
Thank you

Give me half an hour or so to make an app.

thanks, you’re very kind.

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perhaps you may be interested in this

The app is made… Let’s hope the Compiler works. :sweat_smile:

This should work, but I’m not 100% sure… The compiler is down, so I couldn’t look for bugs. :disappointed:

OnlineUsersDemo.aia (2.6 KB)

muchas gracias crack

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Edit: I just updated the file. Now it should work properly. :smile:

Could you send me the new one?


He already updated the link, click on the link he provided in the post above.

The link is the same, the file size was also increased from 2.3 KB to 2.6 KB. So I mean you can access to the new file by clicking the same link he provided for you.

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Yup. Sorry, I was asleep, so I couldn’t reply. :sweat_smile:

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I can’t download this link,why?

This could be useful.

Please post an updated link to the aia if it is still available.

@ibnudjamil33 Probably because the link is two years old and the Community file hosting changed.

This is my oldest project still on the Creator, when sorted by Last Modified. :joy:

Here’s an updated link for you guys: (2.7 KB)

Edit: I am unable to upload AIA files without my phone appending a “.zip” to the end. Kindly rename and remove that extension.

Keep in mind, the project has been untouched for two years. Don’t judge me based on this. :rofl:


Thank you for the updated link.

That’s not a problem. The important thing is to understand the logic etc. We can always rebuild it using the current blocks or components if necessary.