Only for Nerds & Geeks :)


After looking at the video. Which t-shirt would you choose?

  • Blocks rule
  • Geeks rule
  • Nerds rule

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Now im really interested to have a tshirt like that :joy:. I can have it by tomorrow seriously…


In a few hours I’ll publish it in if @Peter sends me that image in PNG with transparent background :raised_hands:

BTW, our merch store really needs an update…
I’ll do it then


also the eagle merch is missing

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I have one problem. The blockimage that is saved has always a white background so i have to remove that color by hand or you have to print it on a white shirt with purple logo. Or… you can make it so that in the blockeditor you can save the block with a transparant background. :grin:

I/You can use Photoshop to easily remove the plain white color

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I used Gimp but it is still difficult. I send you a pm with the result.

If you want I’ll help you with image transparency

Thank you. I don’t mean it is difficult to remove the white. But since the blocks have some anti-aliasing you can not completely remove the white or else you damage the blocks itself.

So it would be better if they were saved with transparant background.

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Okay, I was also thinking about vectorizing it and then exporting it to PNG

Check out this app. Its auto-erase feature is awesome!

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Naa. Let me surprise you tomorrow. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it will be printed in a real shirt.

Thank you for the tips. Diego will look in a few hours if it is acceptable.
I can always use the blocks i made for App Inventor.

Or you can inspect element on a block and save its SVG code


Is that possible? I looked with the developer tools and that is not good svg it seems.

This is what i need. Can you do that in svg?


Sorry @jinisha_tejura for hijacking your topic. That is against community rules so i have to suspend myself for a couple of days. :sunglasses:


I reacted with same when you replied me this on your commenting topic:joy:


Hey, i don’t remember rules when everyone is enjoying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
BTW, U got one hell of a T design …Kodular should get it printed soon & ship it to all participants of KodeJam as token of appreciation :grin: