Open another screen is Not Working!

I am using these blocks it was working properly but now it’s not at all working…
Please help
Thank you

What is not working? You have to describe what happens and what you expect.

When I click on any user the chat screen must open but it’s showing blank screen for a second and it again coming back to the previous page showing the errors (app has crashed do you like to send the report)

So maybe the screen that is opened is the problem not this one.

but my blocks are correct

And that means? That your second screen is not opening shows there is something going on. What are you doing in your second screen? Show the blocks. Do you use large assets.

I am using that screen for chatting

You didn’t answer this.

no, I have not used large assets.

You use an image. How big is it in pixelsize.

The image is chosen by the user

I cleared all the unwanted data and now there is not image etc but still the page is not working it’s again giving the error app crashed…Please help my app only of 7.1mb

You have a procedure named chat
May be issue is there.

please help me with it…zz

Did you close the current screen after opening a new one?

But how to close the current screen

With close screen block in Control category.

i can’t do both opening another screen and closing one it’s not possible.

If you are opening another screen then you don’t need to close the current screen rather you have to use close screen when you want to exit the other screen I know this is bit confusing.

But I still didn’t get your question can you tell me your question again.

when my user clicks on any person name it should open screen called chat , But it is showing white screen for a second it again returning to the previous screen giving me the error app crashed… Please help…