Open Bidding for Google Ad Manager


We are integrating Open Bidding with our custom Google Ad Manager implementation. Open Bidding is a new bidding implementation which basically adds ad inventory from other ad networks into Google Ad Manager, without needing to modify anything else.

Google has enabled our network to be capable of using Open Bidding, and our first bidding provider is going to be InMobi.
Though, as this is yet something new and in a beta phase, you will have to manually apply to enable it in your child account on a per-app basis. Please, fill the following form if you would like to increase eCPM and fill rates by enabling bidding with InMobi:

If you have any questions about it, please just write them in this topic.


What about Facebook bidding?

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Facebook has not yet enabled Open Bidding in their platform. We will be first enabling compatible networks with Open Bidding, because you won’t have to do anything else to start receiving that ad inventory.
Other bidding integrations require you to sign up and get your own account, whereas with Open Bidding that is no longer needed (we sign up and handle all the process using our parent network).


We need to do bidding for continue using admanager??

Oh, I see. Can we implement mediation through Admob in this platform?

It won’t be mandatory, though there are 0 drawbacks if you use it. I mean, if you go for bidding, you won’t have to sign up anywhere else and both fill rates and eCPM will increase.

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No, Admob will not support mediation. As said, Admob components will be deprecated in a future update and hidden for new apps.

So, how can we use AdMob if we don’t have an ad manager?

All Admob users will have to migrate to Google Ad Manager.

If you have an active Admob account, you are completely eligible for a Google Ad Manager child one.

And how to apply for ad manager child acc??

I don’t real understand this how it works!

You mean I have to change the AdMob to Ad Manager? so how about my earnings will be transferred to Ad Manager?

However I have never used Ad Manager Hello @Diego

I have Admob in different email address.

Check the following link:

You will have to change your Admob components to Google Ad Manager ones. Check this link to learn how:

Both Google Ad Manager and Kodular Account must have the same email address. You will have to migrate your projects to the account which has the Google Ad Manager account.

If there is playstore verification in ad manager then why ad manager requires one monetize approved app this is causing lot of problems I have already verified apps in this kodular account but my adsense is disabled in this gmail account, so as u said earlier in one of my post in community to create a new account I created a new account uploaded my project their waited 3 days to apply for monetization approval then my app got approved in 1 month 4days then applied for ad manager then google ad manager is not verifying my account request, don’t know why, may be I already have my adsense accoun may bet that is causing the problem now I am thinking to start with a fresh account, again I have to go through the same procedure which will take approx 40 days, and my all the applications are published in the playstore, Its a humble request kindly simplify this process this will have help all the developers who already have their apps published in the playstore, we all know whole kodular team is working hard to resolve all the issues which currently everyone is facing, but a long waiting period spoils all our enthusiasm.

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I guess Facebook itself depends on other ad network mediators like mopub, admob etc.


My Admob account is different than that of Kodular and I’ve already submitted an app which is already in the Play store for approval from that account to fulfill Kodular requirement of “atleast one approved app” in regards to Google ad manager. Now if I resubmit the app from the google account associated with Admob then it will result in DUPLICATION. Will it create any problem? Also it’s been more than 10 days but the app is not yet approved, I think devs who already have an app in Play store should be given some kind of advantage in the app review process, it’s just a suggestion though.

If your AdSense account was disabled, then we cannot enable it again. As said, Google ad Manager components are an upgrade to Admob ones. If your AdSense account was disabled, you were not using Admob components, meaning you cannot be eligible for Google Ad Manager.

If you already have an AdSense account, Google will detect it in the onboarding process. You will be prompted if you are willing to use that same AdSense account with Google Ad Manager, which will be linked to your new Google Ad Manager child account.
It should not cause any duplicate error.