Open new window links in custom webviewer

Several links in my website opening in new window. I used custom webviewer in my app. Maybe who knows how open this links in browser? Probably need to use blok [when CustomWebViewer1.OnNewWindowRequest]. How built this blok?

try this block @Evgeniy_Pechenikh -

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I’ve already tried. That id?

put a number there and remember if you will create more windows id number should be different

This is share link. I want open it at browser

maybe use activity starter

How can i fo this? I have several links on my website

maybe this video helps -

note this video is from app inventor but will also work in kodular

I need to set a general rule for all links in a new window so that they open in the browser.

Maybe this will work:

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give me full name of user agent please:
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; …

You should Google it to learn more about user agents.
They are not same for all devices.

it’s not working

Show your blocks.

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