[Open Source] Notes : App to Keep and Edit Notes On the Go

Question that does not want to shut up … :sweat_smile: :blush: :star_struck:
Will the AIA be released or not? kkk :thinking:

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Poll was conducted for making it OpenSource.
You can check the Votes there.

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Ta … I was actually watching another poll. :sweat_smile:
This one:

But that’s ok … :thumbsup:

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Aia llink please

Aia link please

Making it is not something more than of

And the Concept is this Simple -
List of Text Stored in TinyDB


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And Have Your

Better Experience



Which program do you use to capture the screen of your phone?

Those who were Waiting.

Now it’s OpenSource.
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

But Don’t Forget to Point out the Bugs, And Suggest Improvements.

And this is not the Final Build - It will be Updated with More Features.


well done!!!




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First Topic Updated with New .apk and .aia

Fixed -

  1. Error while Creating Empty Notes.
  2. Error while Deleting Notes.

Thanks to @Mohamed_Tamer for pointing out both the Problems.


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  1. Above, as it is 12:31 AM, it should be ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ would also be better.

  2. Some of the features are confusing. Like for example, for search, you are providing a text box with a search icon aligned beside the text box.
    Now user will tap on the cardview/textbox, first, as an obvious action. It will be liitle annoying for the user to know that he/she should tap the search icon to initiate search.
    Same goes while editing a note

  3. Don’t allow to create empty notes. Apply the same logic as you have done while editing any note, where if you try to save an empty note, the previously written text appears automatically.
    The only change would be that, if user tried to create an empty note, give an alert.

  4. When we open an existing note, hide the FAB through which we create a new note. It is not needed when we have opened any existing note.

  5. Disable the FAB icon rotation, if possible, for save FAB( with tick-mark icon), as it isn’t needed

That’s for now :smile: Will see if I get any bugs later… :grin:


Google it my Friend.

And it’s now Open Source the one who is going to use it can change it if he likes to.

Yes i know about this one Mohamed_Tamer also suggested the same thing, i am looking a different place to assign Search Bar because if do so as suggested there are some UI issues.

In Next Update definitely it will be improved.

Will think on it.

I can’t create, it would be great if you can show how you did that.

It’s optional will Add this in Settings.

Ok will do it.

Thanks Vaibhav.
Take it -

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I know that. But I suggested the points because :point_down:

By simply putting empty spaces while creating notes and saving them

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is it ok i wanna give one suggestion

Yes Sure.

Suggestions are Always Welcome.

This bug is showing up when I open the app. :grin:


well @ADDYLIN pls wait till tomorrow
ill give a new version to ur app
just one day