Open specific screen with Onesignal push notification

Hey!! I have multiple screenshot in my app and I want a system or I want to know (may it already exist) that how can I send Push notification to app and open a specific screen directly by clicking on notification that is other than home screen of the app…
Please help
If I have “Screen1” as home screen but I want to directly open “Screen2” or “Screen3” without making user to go to home screen that is “Screen1”

Please tell if you know


Yes it is possible

Please Tell How!! Or Give Any Video Link…


& Thanks For Replying

Dude ! waiting for your tutorial or a link. Please share the knowledge. It would be great for the entire community.

Check this extension
Click here

I don’t know if it’s same the extension that you talking about or no.

But, I think this one will solve a problem.

Please don’t provide links to directly download the extension!
Rather give a link to the topic of this extension as it could be helpful.

Why? Is it forbidden?

No. But it would be helpful if you could give more information of that extension than just providing a link to download it.


Ahh… That’s l have only to provide. I’m sorry!

Here we provide all information that we have as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. But this is not what we are in search of.

unable to download can u upload it here