Optimize app for App Bundle

We have got the new feature of exporting Koded apps into Android App Bundle for Google Play Store.

Introducing Android App Bundles . :google_play:
You can now export your Kodular projects as AAB files to distribute them through Play Store.

I would like to know the changes we have to make or the good practices we have to follow in the app development process in Kodular, so as to make use of this feature to its fullest.

The main advantage of AAB is Dynamic Delivery. This helps in targeting specific devices and optimizing the design layouts and including specific features for it. Also it reduces the overall size of the apk installed on device by not including the features not required for that device. I would like to know how to make features in our app with this advantage. And would like to explore other good practices.

I would like the experts to help me in this. Welcome all your suggestions.

P.S: Kindly ignore if you think this topic is of no usage. I was curious to know about how to implement this new feature in my apps and did not find any topic related to this in the community.


I think it’s all explained in detail by Google:

You will hardly find better “experts” on this topic here in the forum.
So what should be added to this Google presentation?

Google: “You don’t need to refactor your code to start benefiting from a smaller app.”

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By uploading AAB file to the Play Console, your app bundle will be optimized by the Play Console itself. They will reduce the APK size after analyzing your AAB file. You will get more information here (as mentioned by @bodymindpower) :

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