Optimize blocks

Screenshot by Lightshot I’m creating a national video application, but I would like an idea to optimize the blocks, opening the same player, but with different videos, always adding the same blocks, would the application be heavy, any ideas? here’s a picture of the blocks.

what about uploading your screenshot directly into this thread?

sorry, image was visible now

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Well, you can use a procedure block:
This reduce the blocks if you use the same blocks every time

You can try a exemple with my blocks how example? a dont understand how to use this procedure block

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First of all, you need to know what procedure is, check this documentation:
I dont know how is your blocks, but there is a example:

In this example i have a save system that saves information about my game, instead of repeating this 12 blocks 3 times (one when the user exit the app, one when the clock reach a limit, and one when i buy something on the store) i can simply create a procedure and transform this 12 blocks in just 1, saving a total of 24 blocks.