Enhancement request: Global Procedures

As you grow your experience with Kodular and realize the huge potential of the platform, you end up building very large and complex programs with lots of general purpose self-contained procedures that you reuse over and over in your programs.
As of today, if you want to use the same procedure on several projects or screens, you have to copy over the procedure blocks to each single project or screen.
This is ok and can be managed fine but as you grow your complexity, maintenance of those procedure blocks becomes a headache. If you need to change or improve one of those procedures you need manually translate and copy the changes to all projects and screens this procedure is used.
It would be very nice to have a special Global Procedure bucket you can store all your global procedures (those that are self-contained and don’t use global variables or screen components) so that they are stored only once and used where they are required.

I don’t know internal kodular structure so have not any idea if this is feasible or even possible but it would be a great plus for the platform functionality.
Thanks for your support and Best regards

Why not save an image on your harddrive of those blocks and then you can drag and drop them into the blockeditor when you need them?

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Thanks so much!
This can work really well as a solution. I did not know it was possible to drag and drop block image files to the block editor.
It also will work as a good backup method to create reusable blocks library.
Thanks again Peter and best regards


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