Better block-solution on visible or not - Now using procedure

Hi. Been away for some months, but now I’m back and want to make some changes to my daily used family app.

But before I start adding more pages(arrangements) in my app I want to ask if I can do it differently since I’ve started to belive I do it way to hard for myself.

Until now I’ve used procedure to check if a “page” is visible or not. But then I always have to add blocks to every procedure.

See here:
This I have on every page/arrangement-block to tell what to show and not. But everytime I add another page in my app and put it into my Synlighet procedure I have to scroll/search around all my blocks to find the pages/arrangements to add false or true blocks.


Here’s one example:

Here I have to add 4 blocks and change 4 blocks. But I have a total of like around 50 of the procedure block in my app, that’s alot of hundres times I have to change/add when adding pages.

Hope you understand what I’m trying to say :stuck_out_tongue: ^^

Any other suggestion to hide/show “pages” in app would be appreciated as long as it’s easier to manage when adding “pages” :slight_smile:

I didn’t get you here. Can you explain this?

Hi Vaibhav!

You have Assets, Designer and Blocks, and in Blocks I have to scroll/search to find all my procedure blocks named “Synlighet” to add/change.

As you can see in my menu I have different “pages” like Shopping, Startpage, Settings, Pointssystem and Doings. If I want to add another page like Parents or Kids I have to add that to the procedure “Synlighet” and when I add something there an empty block space will be added to every “call procedure”. Then I have to find every “call procedure” in my blocks section to add/change them.


CTRL+F is not a bad thing, will try that out. Ty for tip :slight_smile:

The Search option mentioned on top is by far the best solution for this! Another option would be to right click a Block and choose something as “Show connected blocks”.

Again, ty for CTRL+F tip :slight_smile:

Use a list. Put the list in a variable named “Arrangements”. Each item of the list will be the arrangement id you want to control.
Then in the procedure use a for each block to go thru all the arrangements in the list and set only the one specified in the procedure parameter to visible and the rest hidden.

I don’t understand, won’t that be the same? I would still have to add the Call Procedure block to every button and change the procedure to what to show and not?

You will have to use the call to the procedure, yes. That is a normal thing in every language.
But you will ONLY have to specify which one you want visible. The rest will be set to invisible.

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Ah, ok, I will try and see if I can manage to do so :stuck_out_tongue:
Have NO idea how, but I’ll try to make something and see, if not I’ll ask again :slight_smile:

I give up :flushed: Tried a few things, but I can’t get it to work. I created a new app from scretch to test on that, but can’t get it to work with blocks I’ve used.

I might try again tomorrow, when I’m not this mad for not getting it to work :rofl:

I could not figure it out, but searched in Community and found a solution that’s better than what I have now anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

If you mean that your way is better I’d appreciate getting some hints with blocks :slight_smile: Else I will do it this way to continue with my app :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask if you don’t understand it.


But when I have a button for Page 1, how will it know what to be visible or not when Click?

EDIT: Think I got it now, will try now and see :slight_smile:


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Yeah, figured :laughing:

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Worked like a charm! Thank you sooo much Italo :slight_smile:

Now it’s time to go sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

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