Can kodular add this to find blocks quickly

can kodular please add this button so that we can find our blocks quickly amongst 100s of blocks…This will really helpful for many…


Hi @kishore this topic should be in feedback-iwant

Change it.
Thank you :blush:

I agree with you :+1:

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I wholeheartedly agree.

Has any kodular developer memeber seen this yet??

I Agree With You And @Kodular Must be Add It

I agree, that would be a major evolution.


Agree for this. When i want to find something in all of those blocks, i need to put 2 same things to make an error and click on arrows to go there


Same i Do.


I also do it… :laughing:

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You can use the „CTRL+f“ key or for mac user „CMD+f“

It doesn’t take you to the place where your block is! You have to search yourself, so what’s the use?

You can zoom out and see in which area the blocks are placed.

CTRL+F , is It ?


may be its easy for you but for us its getting difficult to find amongst so many blocks so we are requesting this…

Is right … (ctrl+f) but if you have many blocks it is very hard to find where it is, it only shows how many matches have been found…

yes . we need this !

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Yes, we need this.

And possibly if we have option to only load the blocks we are editing, this way memory usuage will reduce. I have 3k+ blocks in one screen, hangs like hell even without companion connected.

If connected to companion, it would not respond for editing.

Btw, i have 8gb ram on my laptop and tkodular maybe the only this running on it.

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“I have 3k+ blocks in one screen”
Wow. That’s a lot of blocks on a screen. That will slow your app down as well and I’m not sure kodular team can help you with that
I agree with the search feature tho


Yeah too much logic and calculation

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