Finding things on the screen

This may be so basic but I have looked and can’t find it. Once a screen starts getting a little complicated I have trouble finding something specific things on the screen. Ctrl F helps unless the items found are spread out or happen to be in a collapsed box. Is there a feature I am missing or do I just need to face the fact I should do it the hard way. Thanks

Pretty much, yes.

It’s always best to consider where to place blocks on the screen before starting.

For example, I use virtual screens in my apps. I place all the blocks I need for each screen in columns. It’s not pretty but works well enough.

You can use ListFinder Extension - Find Items In List [FREE]

He is not asking in app, he wants to find certain blocks from the designer mode.

@stuart_n_johnson , Always concente on error blocks(bottom left side in the designer . And enable it to see yellow spot and try to correct it

Then you click in blocks screen and try to write name of any blocks.