Optimize phone blocks

Is there any block or somting to optimize phone , clear ram ,…

Activity starter or somting …

Like this

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No, these app are “optimizing” the phone mostly by cleaning useless file and closing running app.
There is no pre-made cleaner, you need to create everything yourself :

Storage cleaner :
You need to scan yourself the files of the phone, detect what is useless, then delete it.

RAM & Battery optimization :
For optimizing the battery, the cleaner is closing apps that are running in background. Idk if it’s possible to do this with Kodular, but you can try.

Security :
I think that the app scan all packages and files, then the app detect and delete what is dangerous (from a database).

So, you can make a cleaner app, but it require a lot of works !


Ok thanks

Is there any site where i can see all activitys like this : android.settings.LOCATION_SOURCE_SETTINGS

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Why do you want to do this kind of app when you got this already onboard your mobile?
Isn’t it also useless like a “flashlight” app?

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These aren’t activities, these are permissions. You should go here: