Make an App Like Clean Master

I want to makes app like clean master. To cool cpu and clean junk in the phone. How can I do that ?

Kodular can make that

I think the application like clean master which cleans the unwanted storage, boosts up the RAM, kills the apps running in background cannot be made on kodular (May be but it won’t be that efficient).


Then I make antivirus app.

Antivirus app also cannot be efficient. I recommend “Don’t do it”

If you still want to try.

(Not Recommended just an idea) Try getting all the malicious app packages from any source and compare them with the apps in the phone…


Ok I try Thanks. @cian I see you answe many Q’s answer this also

If you have a database/source which includes which is system folder and app folder etc. then you can make, why not?
For example; in some apps, when you watch a video ad, it will download ad to phone in UnityAdsCahce (or a folder which has another name) folder. So you can simply delete this directory with your app.

This is just an example, there are a lot of junk files/folders in Android (even for system files). So you can research to know which files or folders is required or not for Android or/and apps. You can start searching with your device. Or maybe you can find a database for that, I don’t know.

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