Orbit Live Center l Live Wallpaper App

What is the name of your app?

Orbit Live Wallpaper Center

Describe your app:

Made wiht Kodular.
Live HD wallpaper. I will add the existing and new live wallpapers in this application. You can manage wallpapers from a single application.


App Store/Download link:


Please add app created with Kodular only.

Yes absolutely because community is for apps only made with Kodular because it’s not a place to promote your apps made with android studio

Application was made with Kodular. You misunderstand.

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I know. Made with KODULAR. Read carefully!

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then what is this

It meant that external applications were made with Android Studio. This application made wiht KODULAR.
Don’t worry, I won’t violate community rules.

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oo then you should specify it because it creates confusion among readers like this :sweat_smile:

I’m using google translate. He must’ve turned it wrong.:gülen:


If this app is made with kodular… Can you please tell that which components and extension you used?

Activity Starter use. (Data url, package name,action)

Hello friend. Your app is done very well. I am impressed you managed to use Kodular to set moving images to wallpaper. I have an app that I did with Android Studio that also sets a GIF image as a wallpaper that I published to test out 2 years ago, but I prefer Kodular since then, and unfortunately I lost my old project. I can’t update my app any more with the given features Kodular offers. So I’m very interested how you manually achieved this feat, but congratulations anyway.

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The linked app is made with :kodular: but those downloadable add-ons are not



Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply.