OriginalToast Extension [Free & Open Source]


OriginalToast is an Extension to show Android Toast. Compatible with all Android Versions,
especially for Devices >= Android 11.

See Also : Custom toasts from the background are blocked

This extension won’t be updated anymore, that’s why I’ve provided the source code.

Latest Version: 1
Released: November 5, 2020 (Poland)
Last Updated: September 20, 2021 (Poland)



3.External References

Documentation and download link is given here :

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one suggest:
Combine ShowToast and Text as one block, since this is most frequently used, then users only drag one block.


Is the user too lazy to drag more than one block?
I think by making it separate like that, it will look very simple if the user writes the text in the Property section and show the toast in the blocks editor, can you imagine. :exploding_head:
Btw, thank you for your suggestion :wink:

Well that’s rude, don’t you think? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I guess that’s a little rude :sweat_smile:

BackgroundColor for toast needs.

I’m sorry you can’t set Background Color, because setView() is deprecated on android 11
I think you had to learn a lot about the toast problem on Android 11

With component Notifier and android 11, showes custom Background color. If use Toast.makeText()

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@Salman_Dev Add the functionality. The people get, what the people want.

Plus, Kodular doesn’t yet target Android R (and neither does App Inventor), which means it’s exempt from this deprecation. It will continue to work as normal until Kodular targets Android R.

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@hammerhai, @sergii I’m sorry, I don’t want to add it because I have already defined my extension for Android 11 or higher, so please understand.

Time is always running, and who knows if tomorrow kodular is already targeting Android 11 :face_with_monocle:

It’s likely they’ll target Android R when they do their Android X release. Stop playing charades.

What does that even mean?

Oh, sorry I mean I don’t want to add (BackgroundColor) in my Original Toast

Sorry I couldn’t stop it :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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Omg stop it you’re so funny, hahahhahahahhhahaha!!!

Would you like me to “sponsor” this extension :smirk::ear:t2:

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Hi Everyone Now This Extension Is Open Source.

OriginalToast Extension [Free & Open Source]

Note: This extension won’t be updated anymore, that’s why I’ve provided the source code.

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