OTP Is Not Sending

Hi Guys I Was Making A Chat App But I Am Unable To Recive Otp In Exported APK I Tried In 2 Devices But It Does Not Work


Chat_App_Login.ais (30.8 KB)


Extension Used


But I believe sometime app will read the otp automatically

yep i worked now but took more than 10 min to send otp

i have full signals @Still-learning

it is not even auto reading the otp

Did you add another app in that firebase authentication enabled project ? Or added this app in another firebase authentication project ?


i can see the numbers But I Can Recive The OTP



Per firebase project (especially authentication enabled ) mean , only one app will work . Pls see to that. I hope it will work if you remove the second app from the project

ok @Still-learning

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To send OTP in firebase auth
You need to give country code first
Did you try this ?

Check This @Avijit


Is have any space here ?

no @Avijit

Upload your own app google-services.json
And change the package name
FirebaseAuth.aia (2.4 KB)

Lets try to send otp and inform me