Their have any problem in firebase? Login failed for mobile otp verification system

Few days ago my all projects was working fine, but i dont know why now its showing Login failed. means i used login failed block to show this error, and now login is failing. i am attaching blocks below.
I think now their is any problem in firebase. plz you also try to make test app, and check this otp system is working or not on firebase

I am attaching my details, to understand you what i did
Note:- I enable the Phone

My Json file:
google-services.json.txt (1.4 KB)

My Blocks:

Reupload that json file

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I re uploaded, so many time

all of your projects were working fine so now none of them working or only one of them isn’t working?
Are you receiving sms or not? Have you tried to receive sms through plain text instead of extension to pick country code?

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yes i try this too, before posting here. i was create test app their i directly use country code as a plain text

You haven’t answered all of my questions…

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None of them

Directly Login failed, so how i received the OTP

i not use country picker extension i directly fetching ISO code.
and i already posted in previous reply about what i try.

You need to copy the Google signed (google provided) SHA-1 & SHA-256 Certificate from the Playconsole and paste in your Firebase project (in Android app section)

Once you done this, refresh the console and you can see the authentication working.

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means only then OTP will sent? but i have one previous app, i not change anything in it but their otp is sending

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