Otp message late or not received

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Hi @Ariyan_AD I hope you are fine

This is only for Indian user as I think :upside_down_face:

As for the problem of OTP messages that I am facing in my application, I have done two things so that I can determine the cause of this problem
First, I found that the problem is in all of my applications, not in one application. All my apps don’t send OTP to users
Secondly, I activated a new Firebase account using a different Gmail and the problem still exists in the application and it still does not send an OTP message to the user
We conclude from this that either there is a problem with my blocks , or there is a problem with the Authentication component

Label6 is country code
Text _Box1 is Phone Number

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Yes @sherif , I am totally fine.

Have you setup your firebase account properly.?

I mean to say, make sure you have done this…

Note: Give me some time to contact with Googlers ok! Then I will be able to understand and solve this problem if there any problem in Firebase.

I definitely have activated it

Please wait. Ok! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Ariyan_AD I am waiting for you and thank you very much for your cooperation and help :hugs:

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Hey, @sherif
I have contacted with Google team, they made me believe that it’s not a problem of firebase. The problem is with the System, Means the way you are using.

You have to find a different way of sending the messages. Because the way you are using this message feature is incorrect, if you send any message to any number then it arrived only for 1 time but if you try 2nd time then It doesn’t because the data ( means the number ) was saved in FB database so it will not send any message to it again.

See this…

What if the user wants to uninstall the application and re-download it again?
And what about the period, will this message be sent to the user once for all?

Do you mean another OTP service?

If he reinstall , OTP doesn’t needed… Automatically it will get signed in or you can use firebase combo

Use this…

Or you can search any other method of doing this OTP verification.

I am saving user data in firebase using his phone number as a tag
if the app doesn’t get a user number, How can the app get user data from firebase after reinstall? :thinking:

By the authentication method. Using authentication method firebase can save data as a SUDO user out side of your FB database ( In Google Data ). So you can only use 1 number for OTP Delivery.

What about trying to send an OTP message to your number, you sent me your phone number and we tried to send the message to it for the first time, not only to one number, but to two phone numbers you own, and it was for the first time, but you did not receive any messages

This may be becuase that Country is not properly setup. Or which server you have choosen in Firebase. If you choose US, then it will not work. If you choose SINGAPORE then it will work in India.

Lister Br0,
Try to send any other messages like ( How are you ? ) Using firebase cloud. OTP service is not possible, currently. Have you found any user who can use firebase OTP in Kodular.

OTP Service is possible in Android Studio.

There are phones that erase all the data stored in tinydb when you uninstall the app

This is the problem! You are facing. If someone reinstall the app then may tinydb will reset. And you will be able to get the OTP Screen. Then If you put the same Number & try again then it will not send OTP again, because the number was already saved in FB Outer layer Database.

I am wondering about this. I sent an otp to my number while creating the application on kodular many many times and there was no problem in my all projects
There is another thing. I changed the Package Name for this project,I created a new Gmail account and a new Firebase account,I added the new firebase token and the new firbase url to the new project and I extracted the apk file and downloaded it to the phone and tried to send a message to my number again… but I did not receive any otp messages
All these modifications that I made to the project as if it were a new project with no numbers registered in firebase
So why isn’t the new project sending an otp
There is something illogical but I can’t understand it

Let me ask some questions related?

  1. Do you added the firebase SDK?
  2. How many messages you have sent by the firebase account?
  3. Have you Modified any rule or data in Kodular as well as Firebase?
  4. Which Firebase server you are using in Firebase?

If you have checked all and doesn’t work… then …

Please PM or Upload the AIA here.

!!! Your Firebase account means " the server & communication " has no problem. !!!

No, I just downloaded JSON file and uploaded it to my project

I don’t know the exact number but let we 500 messages for all

I just made firebase security roles for Realtime Database(read, write ) to true

I sent a test aia file to you. It also doesn’t send any OTP messages :tired_face:

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I am totally surprised :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:.

Then How Firebase will confirm the Phone number. That’s why Only One time authentication is working now. We have limit the authentication access 2 months ago. You didn’t check our T&C
Mandatory Steps: Authenticate with Firebase on Android using a Phone Number
Terms: Google Cloud Platform Terms Of Service ( Last modified September 20, 2021 )

Fix they Mandatory Steps before using Firebase Authentication. Its quite hard for Kodular. We have changed the t&c to prevant fraud and abuse of cloud messaging.