[OUTDATED] [Free] InAppBilling V5.0.0 - Sell your digital product from your android application

Yes of course. It’s just a quick and simple exemple in test mode. So the product id is automatically set to android.test.purchased.

Btw, i already tested with true product id and get the same result.

I certainly do something wrong…

I’ll upload much more developped blocks.

So, first test with published app :

second test :

I think there’s something wrong with autoacknowledgement/Isacknowledged…

Even if I managed to purchase successfully the sub (with HandleNonConsumable), how to determine if the subscription has not expired when i restart the app ?

GetPurchaseDetails won’t help me cause it needs “purchase” info.

Maybe store purchasedtime and orderId and compare with the last ordrerId (gotpurchaseshistory) and delay of subscription… ??

EDIT : gotpurchaseshistory return empty lists (ordersID/productsID) when the subscription has expired. Will it be the solution !


Sam problem My app on play store but one product buy and again buying error

My product not purchase again how to Set up block

Try to add HandleConsumable method in GotPurchase event.

After that, you normally will be able to purchase again your product.

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as far as I can see: yes

before being able to buy again, you first have to consume the product



Thanks to my friend Nirnaya, who have updated this extension to the newer version of billing sdk 5.0.0 .

You can check the repo and download the latest extension.

I will soon test the extension and update the extension. You can ask any doubts here aswell.


According to Nirnaya,
The extension have QueryPurchases block to investigate about all purchases made by user till. Thanks to him !!

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Yeah purchases can be handled as consumable (can be purchased again) or can be acknowledged.

An updated version ? it would be awesome.

I tried the extension by Nirnaya… I have the following runtime errors with the LaunchPurchases method :

  • with a string for productdetails : string cannot be cast to com.android.billingclient.api.ProductDetails ;
  • with a list for productdetails : util.YailList cannot be cast to …

If it can help…

@oseamiya please update the documentation accordingly…
it might be easier to start a new thread with version 5…
thank you…


Kindly I need help for subscription blocks someone help me

Use the methods and events together with this skuType


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I wish you could have shown the full blocks if you would have time to help

For example with your old aix I have been using only these two and evrything was done

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My App is getting closed while I try to make a purchase. Kindly anyone provide blocks please.

Show your blocks.

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The extension has been officially upgraded to sdk 5.0.0.

Documentation of the extension is updated. Thankyou!

productDetails is the object you get from QueryProductDetails. It can be something like this :

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Hi… im following the same methode. but some of my users getting message that - item already owned from google play.

did you consume the product after purchase?

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