[Overlay] It is possible to add a overlay layer above a image/label?


I have some images (icons) with a text label bellow each image!

Instead using:
when Image1.click
when Label1.click

… is it possible to have a overlay layer above each icon and text?
in order to use something like:
when overlay.click

Thank you for help!

When the make arrangement clickable is fixed you can put both your components in an arrangement and make it clickable.

There is no overlay.


Actually, it is possible. Check out the below topic :point_down:


I actually don’t understand that solution and how it makes an overlay. Can you summarize it @Shreyash please?

I have a question about this too, i want to put a button above a image. Can I do it? Because in this screenshot up there that @Shreyash shows, it’s possible.

Okay, I’ll try to create a tutorial on this whenever I have some time. But I can’t promise anything, I’m quite busy these days.


Here it is :point_down:

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