Package appears to be invalid

I’ve been following the same steps, but when I switch to Target SDK 33 (Android 13) and compile the APK, I get the following error (when I try to install on my device before converting the APK to AAB):

The thing is that if I keep the target SDK 28 (9.0 Pie) and compile the .apk, I can install my app without problems on my smartphone, but I can’t upload the AAB to Google Play because it requires SDK 33.



Summary: I can’t compile with SDK 33, so I can’t upload my update to Google Play.

I have a client who uses “parental controls” on their devices and only allows installations from Google Play. As you can see, I cannot upload my update to Google Play, so I am asking if there is a way to send an installation link to my client (uses Motorola devices) so that they can install it securely but not from Google Play?
Or any other ideas that come to mind?

Thank you all in advance!

Actually you do not have to follow any steps, just build the app and install it

And if you get the error package appears to be invalid, then the following thread seems to be more helpful…

Which components and extensions are you using?



Unfortunately, I cannot do it that way, since compiling and installing throws error 908: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.

I was able to solve this error by modifying my Manifest and thus I can install.

But the new problem is that I need to save the manifest with SDK version 33 to publish it on Google Play, and when I do, I can no longer install because I get the error “invalid package”.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. With lower SDKs I don’t have a problem but with SDK 33 I get error 908 Write External Storage


As you found out yourself, this does not help if you want to publish in Google Play

How are you able to get that error 908 if you can’t install?

Which extensions are you using? Make sure, they are all up to date