Package Name Issue

Hello guys, I need help with this.
When I tried to create my package name it says: Invalid package name. Should be in reverse domain format, eg.: com.example.myapp
I have always used same format for all my apps, but after update this happens.
This is an example of my package name: com.unlimitedgames.shadowhunt
I have always used that format, but now not working, whats happening now/
Thanks in advance

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Strange as the package name is correct

it seems to have some issues depending on how long your package name is

Just ignore the invalid package name error and build your app…

@Kodular package name only allows 10 characters in the middle part of the package name…


But my app not update in play store…invalid package name show message…please help us

Yes today showing this problems

thank you so much for response, now its allow just 10 letters after each point (.)
Example: com.unlimitedr.froggyappy

Yes you were right…

As long as your package name is correct it will still build, so ignore the error for now

We have set the limit to allow only 1-10 chars in each part and there can be only 2-5 parts


This is not a good thing, because you’ve now broken users’ package names


For new projects this is good, But what about old projects whose package names contains more than 10 characters at middle?

With this limit they will not able to update their apps…:thinking::thinking:


Sorry guys, even if it can be built your package names are broken, all characters after 10 are cut of from it…

I have imported an old app with this packageName


and created the APK with the current version of Kodular. The packageName of the new APK is correct:


So there seems to be no issues with existing projects (packageName).


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Obviously only for new projects (or if you try to change the packageName [part > 10 chars] afterwards).
See also my last post.

No, but it limits you to not being able to create a new app that uses your own brand name (in my case: “bodymindpower”) once it is longer than 10 characters.

And that should definitely be changed again. @pavi2410

Please see


Thanks for the information.
It would be nice if the moderators would merge these topics.

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Even though he knew there was a thread already, he created a new one :man_facepalming:t2: :man_facepalming:t2: :man_facepalming:t2:

This topic is already being dealt with here but I want to raise my own problem.

With the new kodular update the name of my google play profile does not enter the package name.

My creator name has more than 10 characters and for a comment that I have read, if I write more than 10 characters, from the 11th they will be deleted.

What do I do now? How do I publish my applications with my creator name?

Thanks to anyone who can help me

This is an unintended consequence of a new system we introduced in the latest update. We’re working on removing the character limit on the package name.

My apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Okay, thank you very much for your quick response.

I’ll wait for you to remove the limit, I hope it’s soon.

Thanks and regards.


Will it be the next release ?