Package Name Issue

After Kodular Eagle 1.4D.0 update i am getting invalid pagkage name error, Before this update package name was working fine. “com.usd.myappname”

I have published my app to play store, Now my problem is i am not able to use the same package name for new update of my app because of this error:

The error is because update in kodular which is
Text after and before each dot (.) should be under 10 char.:keycap_ten:

Like in your case com.usd.application

application is of 11 characters :keycap_ten:

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The question you asked is already answerd

Next time please search community first

And if your got your answer mark my reply and answer

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now how do i fix if i published my app to play store i will not be able to update my app if i change package name

I think @kodular staff is thinking about it

My untested technique is that

Export your apk with any package name
and then change the package name
with apk editor app which is easily available on playstore edit thr package

name to original name

Please tell me if this works


Guide to change package name with apk editor

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yes i can try this by using some apk editor tool but i was asking if i could do this in kodular.

will it work no error if i change package name in Manifest.xml

At today
You cannot use more than 10 chars in this update
But may be kodular will fix this issue is few days

We cannot know everything without experiments
Why won’t you give it a try
It will hardly take 10 mins

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same problem here . can not update app in play store now since update .

You can export the apk file with this error. Don’t worry :wink:
Just omit the error and compile it
@devanshvinayak9 don’t do it. It can corrupt your app. Only use this method

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i changed package name but what about app signature, now i have to sign app with keystore that kodular use to sign my app

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please help
same with me

my package name is com.juststudiotechnology.statussavekaro
(Invalid package name. Should be in reverse domain format, eg.: com.example.myapp)

i have update my app and i want to release the apk


@111jain_Jak and welcome to the community!!

If he ignores the error and builds, then package name will be broken…

As I said, not with me:

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With new apps it gets cut of

Btw, did you try to edit your app that you imported

Btw, did you try to edit your app that you imported (yes )

I have try it but I don’t get any error