Error in building apk after new update: The build server is not compatible with this version of Kodular

Everything was fine till yesterday but today when i build apk i get this error
The build server is not compatible with this version of Kodular

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I have just compiled my project successfully.

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Then why do i get this error

I also compiled my project Sucessfully.

I tried to compile other projects as well but get the same error

Which error show logs.

I don’t get any option to see the error log, instead i get a notification when i click export app, first it saves the project and this error appears

What it says

Wow, now it started compiling so can any moderator delete this topic please

And in case if anyone faces the same error try building the apk again and again and it will compile


Have you searched about it in the community?
Kindly search before you post.

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I had searched the topic and found that only need to refresh page, and I refreshed 30 times and tried building apk but then too apk didn’t build that’s why I created a topic and I don’t know how it starting compiling

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Follow this

This usually happens with new updates, so make sure to clear cache and cookies…

yes I tried that but still same error…

I also face this error nowadays, simply i do is saving my project and refreshing the browser, and my project compiles… So you should try this

Tried that already :slight_smile: not working … let me try again else will try creating new project and import old project

Good morning, could someone help me to solve this problem. Thank you very much

Please read before posting