Unable to compile this project

this week i am facing this Error

when i try to build apk
yes I know there are many topic already but could not find any solution there
after refresh 2-3 time page it solve automatically and then again error after one build

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I do have this problem often when I compile and build apps. Simply close the current tab and open creator.kodular.io in another tab. Then open your project and then build it. Your problem will be solved. If then also it shows same problem. Then again do as I said above. It will then surely work. I’m also facing this same issue.

Unusual Coder

I am also facing same problem.

Me too. Always.

i hope they can fix it.
@Hossein @Diego

@idietherdave I’ve told the solution of this problem above.

that is not a solution. im sorry. it is just a workaround to the problem. we should not be experiencing compilation errors.

@idietherdave I meant that only. There is maybe a bug that’s why we are getting complilation errors. Kodular will fix it soon. Have patience!