Something went wrong

Anyone else getting “Something went wrong” today?

If I click View log:
“Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was

I’m just wondering if I’m the only one.

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Sometimes it happens for me too, if you try again after some time, it works.

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yes its happening and many users are posting that from last many days, about 4 posts are generated yesterday about this. and its happening to me also, just refresh and try again it will work.

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Earlier this tactic was working but I haven’t been able to create a .apk for a long time now.
I even tried switching devices and still no luck.

tonight i have faced it a lot , about 5 ot 6 times and then generated apk. these days facing this issue a lot, but i hope this will get fixed in new update (i think servers are not good enough for a huge user load, so they will change server)


Thanks for confirming that I’m not alone.



I’m in the same boat with you guys! :grin:


im the driver don’t worry… i reported this first on slack!

i facing this same problem now

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i faced same problem

Then try again. Are you still facing the isssue? Now Kodular has better and more buildservers.

that post was before update, and fixed now after new update.

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