Error in compiling the apk

Many of you will recommend me to search around the community for the question I’m asking. I have already searched the community and I’ve also checked whether if there are any errors in my project. 1 hour ago, my project was easily compiling but now it’s not even compiling. Whenever I reload kodular after saving my project, I find that my project has been reverted to last changes (which means, it’s not even saving my projects). I have a fast internet connection of 5 MB/s and therefore I don’t think so that network is an issue here. It always shows that my file is saved but when I reload kodular, all changes get reverted.

Supporting screenshots -

I’ve already mentioned that in the right side of error.

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Do you get the error in all your projects or only this one?

All projects. In fact, I don’t know how but all the blocks who called procedures, for ex - [call procedure1] were mixed up automatically. Which means that where I kept the calling block for procedure1, the call for procedure 2 came up.

ohh sounds strange because this has never happened with me… and i too get the error build failed but i simply close it and build it multiple times which then builds the apk successfully

Yes. I’ve tried that for thousand times (exaggeration, but yes). What sounds more stranger is misassembling of blocks after each reloads.

I think you should report this to the staff

Maybe is cause of this ?

Yes, this is the reason maybe. I was feeling this way, but when I saw , there was no issue reported.

This issue may be due to a broken projects, to be sure, can you perform a test by downloading the aia of your project, rename it and upload it to the server…

If it shows some errors or so, then it’s broken…

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