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Hello I uploaded my application on Google Play Store. But for some reason it was rejected. Now I have updated the application by making necessary corrections in the same application. Now when I upload this app to Google Play Store, it contains the package name of the application.

An error occurs which should be io.kodular.m_8401soyla.MCQ4EDU.

While the package name of my app is com.mcq4edu.

So tell me what to do for it.

You can fit the package name before your publish it. Also, you have to change the version of the app.

Read here

From your post, the first time you uploaded your app, the package name was

And now you uploaded it with package name

After you uploaded your app for the first time using the first package name, you can’t use another package name, you have to use your previous package name then you can change your version name and version code.

If I did com.MCQ4EDU before my app’s package name was the same then the app is exported. But it does not upload to the Play Store. It gets an error that the package name of the app is io.kodular.m_8401soyla.MCQ4EDU.

If I keep the package name of my app io.kodular.m_8401soyla.MCQ4EDU then the app is not exported. So what should i do Will you show me a solution?

Could this be due to my app being reviewed in Kodular? And if this problem is due to non-review, please tell us in what time the review will be completed

If you’re publishing on Play store you don’t need app review by kodular, just publish it directly on Play store. Since you have already uploaded your first app using the package name io.kodular.m_8401soyla.MCQ4EDU you have to maintain it, i would advice you make a duplicate of your project then you package the duplicate and upload to play store with the package name io.kodular.m_8401soyla.MCQ4EDU
Alternatively, if you don’t want the package name, then you have to remove the app from play store and create a new one with the package name com.MCQ4EDU

The review is always made by Playstore, only admob may not need kodular to aprove, but the app itself will always be reviewed by playstore.

May be you are confusing it. Show the full email that you received. An app package won’t change by himself.

but if the old package name is really wrong you just have to upload the app as a new app and forget about the old. As the app was not aproved yet you won’t lose any user.

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