Package name help me please

hello, i finished my application. Everything is ready to throw in the play store. But I have something on my mind What does this package name mean? I typed this package name myself. But I don’t know what to do with this

I looked at other topics and couldn’t get an answer

It’s a unique identifier for your app, it’s format should be something like:






See also here :


thank you. I will have 2 questions

1-) kodular advertising and branding are enabled. So would it automatically change the package name because it was enabled?

2-) Is my package name available? my package name = ( io.kodkazan.we5rk5tn3.FkralTR ) will this be the package name

No, kodular branding doesn’t apply to the package name, just AboutThisApplication pop up menu item :smiley:
See also here:

A warning will pop up under the package name text box, if your package name wasn’t correct.

thank you. Then I can put it in the play store. I know that warning, I changed it a few times and it is no longer a warning.

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Yes, but consider not changing the package name after publishing it.

okay, thank you very much

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