Cannot upload my app's APK file!

I have been trying to publish my first kodular app in google play . When I tried to upload the APK file after exporting it to my computer and I keep getting the following message :

I tried several names for my APK file and I keep getting the same error message , is there anything wrong ? Need help please .

Change Your “Package Name”

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I tried to change it in MyKodular but I couldn’t is there a way to change it ?

What is Your Current Package Name.

It is “MyMath1”

That is Your Apps Name i Think.

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Are ayou Using Firebase in Your App.

No I am not , Is the problem related to my package name ?

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On Screen 1 in Advanced Properties.
There is Package Name.

Fill it Like this -

Example -


Put your package name like that

Don’t put any number, special characters in package name

As @ADDYLIN said


Yes Remember This One.

I will try and see what happens thanks guys.


It worked but I got 2 warnings , should I ignore them ?

You Can ignore.

But -

1st warning says you have unused blocks which is increasing app size.
And also having unused Blocks is not a good Practice.

2nd warning says you have used Obfustucated Text where it should not be used.

You can fix both in next update.

How can Google know this

I finished my app in kodular without any warning or error , but when I reviewed the app in play console it gave me many warnings and some violations!! but when I tested my app here it was fine. I’ve published the app in google play anyway , Is there a possibility that they will refuse to publish the app or these warnings are normal ? First time to publish there so I don’t have an experience of what’s going on .

i don’t know but it states so.

I got warnings ok , but why violations ?!! All kodular app layouts and blocks are fine with no errors at all , testing the app with all admob ads was also fine. So why the violations .

This means you need to upload a kotlin file which is obfsucated so that google measures the crashes and anrs easily.

First these are not violation warnings these are just suggestions to improve your apps okay just ignore them just ignore. You don’t need to do anything is these warnings comes.

If these are errors or violations so you can’t able to upload app on playconsole