Google play store reject all my kodular apps

Hi I was reading a lot of topics on kodular community, and I have seen that the people have problems to launch their app on Play Store, but my problem is different, I think because I have checked a lot of solutions proposeds in the other topics but don’t work with my app.

In my case, I think firstly that my probles was a permission problems or a over size problem… Because Play Store say me that it is the problem. well, everytime Play Store show me the same warning with the text :

APK without optimization

This APK has unused codes and resources that are being sent to users. Reduce the size of your app with the Android App Bundle. If you do not optimize your application for different device configurations, it will be too heavy to download and install on users’ devices. Heavier applications have a lower download volume. In addition, they take up a lot of storage space on users’ devices.


*Use the Android App Bundle to automatically optimize according to different device configurations or manage it yourself with various APKs.

But I think, that it is not the real problem.

I understand the message, but the only problem is that it’s not true. I tried to put a new small test application file. Very small and without specials permissions, a single screen application but… Play Store shows me again the same problem, and, I think that it is impossible that the problem with a 3Mb file is its oversized or permissions.

I think Google Play Store are banned all kodular applications. what do you think?

i’m desperate i have my app finished and i have been trying to launch the app for 6 days.

thank you so much,


your app is not developed properly. it has nothing to do with the message you are getting

yeah, i also receive that message for every kodular app i make, dont worry about it, just ignore it

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Easy to find the answer with a simple community search. Took about 15 seconds.
Hint: i just copied and pasted your error message into the search mask :wink:

You didn’t mention about your app.
What type of app is yours

This is just a suggestion from the play store, when they identify the less functionality of our app with a large package size, they suggest us to make optimization to reduce the app size.

Just ignore it!

We also get it but our apps are still available on play store without any problems.

Actually, to provide us the real drag and drop app building experience, kodular add some skd’s and kodes to our app which causes increased app size.

Due to this we get app optimization suggestion warning.

Just ignore it.