APK not optimized

Hello friends! Finally I will puplicate my application in the play store for the first time, but I found this error message and I do not know how to optimize because I do not understand programming, so I come here to ask some friends to help optimize my APK so I can publish. If I could afford to pay someone I would do it but I am currently unemployed and I am currently unable to pay someone to do this optimization. Thank you very much for your help.

APK not optimized

This APK results in unused resources and code being sent to users. Your app may be smaller if you use the Android App Bundle. By not optimizing your app for device settings, it will be larger for download and installation on users’ devices. Larger applications have lower installation success rates and take up storage space on users’ devices.


Use the Android App Bundle to automatically optimize device settings or manage it yourself with multiple APKs.RadioWebGenibau1_5.aia (4.4 MB) RadioWebGenibau1_5.aia (4.4 MB)

This is just a message you can ignore it. Did you search the forum before asking? This has been asked many times before.


Hello friend, I can not click the start deployment button for production it is transparent, and this message at the top. I don’t see the option to ignore.

Then you didn’t give all the info Google wants. Are all your grey checkboxes green on the left side?

yes they are green and yet the error message continues.

It is no error message. You can ignore it. You don’t even have a button to press. You can publish your app. Show the left side of your app bar to show that everything is green. It has to be something you missed. I uploaded apps with the same message. It just works. So it has to be something you forgot.

Thank you very much friend Peter, it worked, as it is my first post I was confused, but with your help I managed, thank you.


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