Paly store says my APK is too big. how could it diminish it?

please …!!! I’m having trouble with Kodular in Play store …

Upload APK.

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yea !!! I can not send to the play store.

To Kodular Community.

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Please help me

Can you show the actual message from play store?
And your app also

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Okay, do you have any means where I can send it? Or can I send it right here?

Right here!

Sorry I didn’t understand that language :confused:

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You can send it here…

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Okay, I translate.

You can’t change or decrease size of the app…

there it says that my app is not optimized

Please use english.

Okay, and how do I go about publishing it?

There’s nothing you need to do, the warning doesn’t prevent you from publishing your app.


prevents yes … does not release the button to publish in the play store

Listen Friend. App created by kodular always have more size than the real size so no need to worry just upload your Apk on playstore…

Make sure that all the grey ticks in the side menu (next to Store Listing, Pricing, etc) are green. In the screenshot you sent earlier it looks like some steps haven’t been completed.