Package Name Issue

i am facing the package name prblm.
we not able to enterd a long package name . just like which we enterd before the update .
plz advice me that how can we enterd a long package name with more keywords?

For the moment you can’t, we need to await a new update…

You would not get any error as it builds and the app works if it is only one installed on your device, but

This means and looks like this, when you build with the error com.baasappsbaa.baasappsbaa

end result of the package name com.baasappsba.baasappsba


all characters after 10 are cut of from it

Sorry @111jain_Jak I already know your package name is/was broken, the questions were more for @bodymindpower

But it works with a bigger package name too. I tried building my app and it had no problem so I guess its a bit useless…

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Double checked and it still like I left it

What exactly did you double checked, your project or apk…

Project Yes, APK NO

I checked both of them and it allowed me to have a bigger package name.

As I said several times:
It works with existing projects, also with packageNames like this:
appinventor.ai_test.Affirmations (11 - 8 - 12)

Yes, both (added some blocks / new component).

I suppose you did it with an existing project.
As I said several times: It only works with existing projects.

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in other words , ones already in the My Projects section when the update took place.

Yes, but it also seems to work when importing a previously saved project (aia).


However, changes to the package name have no effect until the packageName meets the requirements (≤ 10 - 10 - 10 characters). So don’t change the packageName if it doesn’t meet the conditions.

The condition only has to be fulfilled for new projects (≤ 10 - 10 -10 chars).
So this problem doesn’t seem to me to be as urgent as some claim.

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The case of mine is that I can’t even generate the apk

Of course, that is possible, but that’s not as easy as you suppose See e.g. here:

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Thanks, I have no problems with updates, that is obviously what allows us to grow and continue to improve and create new ideas; What you do have to be careful when making updates is that all necessary tests must be done beforehand so as not to fall into these stumbles. That is the only thing that from my point of view should be kept in mind. It’s like if I buy a car and the next day I can’t use it because a software was updated and I have to wait until they solve it, when the correct thing is that first all the tests are rigorously done and then the updates are made. Easy, in fact it is not, and that is precisely why you have to be careful.

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