Package Utilities is unable to get custom package name

i thought that will work for custom package name too, because mostly peoples recommend there custom package names for there apps, thats why .

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I asked the developers to take a look at it.


I think something is wrong in your blocks(May be I am wrong)
In block Is Permission Granted needs two inputs one is permission name and second is package name but what I can see that you are providing app name instead of package name.

I have not worked with Package Utilities so I can be wrong

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We’ll check into this


Can anyone try this extension and tell me it is working or not?
afb51c78ca0c5d77cb89fca4fd25b8f4.aix (5.1 KB)

Respected Moderators:- this extension is just an extension version of Package Utils component.

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yes this extension is getting custom package name. second block package name after is showing error, first one is perfectly working.

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Yes, my mistake, but I checked it correctly. This does also not work:

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If so then try with above extension.
And if that works then let me know.

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There is no testing because this block does not exist.


The PackageName is not the problem here, but this one:


Is.PermissionGranted is not getting the correct Boolean (true), if the permission was granted (APK).

Developers will fix that for next release.

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Im not sure. but i think it depending android s version. Cause Playstore show right name. but in differents device that i made tests , just one show right name. (in setting/apps)

Correct. This has been fixed and will be in next version


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Is it still not working?

we have to wait until next update.

It is working for me.
But not for all permissions.
Some permissions still return false even after granting it.

Can you please list out the permissions that aren’t working for you?

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Maybe related to this:

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