[Paid] App Search for similar photos

Hello :wave: Community I have created new app that present a unique service this service is search about similar photos based on another photo that you upload it to the app

My App Name is (Mr Lense)


Mr Lense app is an app that help to search about photos by lensing it the app has many features


1.Cool UI design
2.fast and clear loading
3.the app uses lense service to search about similar photos
4.have Unlimited requests


Video (vimeo)

Apk file (direct link )

Apk link

this website give good host files service I used it to host my Apk file

purchase Link

If you want to buy the app PM me
Thank you very much


I want to purchase and need your help Dear

love coding

it’s my beginning please help me

Ankush Bansal

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Ok with pleasure , but you can message me in private message
Where I can send my private URL chat account

did you use the api? Is there a daily request limit?

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Something like API I uses web with some of JavaScript to arrange this process