[Paid] chat app with cool UI design .aia

AYWA chat .aia
This is last version of the Chat app that has many


*Fully login system by Email and phone number​:bust_in_silhouette:

*Cool UI design :paintbrush:

*Replay on messages :arrow_heading_up:

*Edit messages after sending it. :writing_hand:

*Delete messages after sending it :x:

*Translate messages before and after sending it :u6709:

*Copy message content ©️

*Track links in the message text and make it clickable

*Message support html language </>

*Online images search API to use this just type
@img in the text box

*Send images from chat

*Online and offline status of the user :bust_in_silhouette:

*Typing status of the user :memo:

*database of the app is connected to firebase database. :iphone:

*The app is multilingual depends on device language


Apk file:

New version direct link

Another APK direct link

aia file

Basic aia version

If you want an advanced aia file it costs 5$ via PayPal just complete the payment and the file directly will be downloaded to your device :point_down:
Buy Advanced aia file

Contacts: Via PM

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Upload some Screenshots of your App. Keep :kodular:oding :+1:

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Is the a one-time buying only, for example if one person buy it, it will be sold out?


No , many people can buy it not related to one person


You have done a good work, keep going! But just one thing, do you personally think that someone will buy this for 15$? Personally i wouldn’t use it even if it was for free :neutral_face: . I would rather buy tons of extensions that cost 2 or 3$ and develop my project than buying this which i believe isn’t that hard to make for a professional developer. The price is too high, just see how other chatting apps are, the UI isn’t that good and it doesn’t seem organized or responsive for me, despite this you have done a good work so either continue developing and improving it then sell it for a price that it deserves, not more not less, or use it and publish it on your own and get money from it; it isn’t hard to improve it and make it a lot better for someone who have done this work. We appreciate your efforts and we’re not here to disappoint you!:grin:


Ok, thank you very much @youssef_achour I understand this , and l will already develope it to be better that right now
And about the price I just offer this price only for my effort and the API services that I present to this app and is this just an offer for only who want to buy it .
And thank you again for your advices :blush:


Hallo Ahmed.

1st of all Great Work done by you.

2nd I am Interested to buy this AIA but I have few questions in my mind that I want to get answer

  1. Can the App track links of users and can make it clickable.
  2. Can User Send Message.
    3 Can User Create Groups/ Channel
  3. How much does it cost exactly

Please reply fast

Hello @Dhiraj_Kumar firstly I thank you for you good opinion about my app

Secondly answers

  1. yes the app can track any URL that user send and make it clickable.

  2. yes users can send messages (text messages, reply on messenges , also decorate messages by html code)

  3. no users can’t make any channels or groups this not supported only private chats

  4. the app exactly costs 5$ and I can make other modifications later by a bit of money

And thank you again for your good opinion about my app .

A long time ago I designed an app similar to this one. Your app is much better than mine, I congratulate you, very good job

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Hello Ahmed I tried your app, but I was not able to Sign Up it didn’t send me any OTP so plz check that

2nd As you say Can your app send Images like (Telegram or WhatsApp), not in some testable form
if not then can you make it possible I am ready to pay more?


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I have tested it and it send me otp well
But the user can’t send image messages but I can do that latter as I am very busy now with my University
And as soon as I complete it I will message you

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@lagu6 thank you very much for your good opinion

If anyone wants to buy the app this is direct payment by PayPal and as soon as you complete the payment you will receive the direct download Link of aia file .
From here

Topic updated with last version of app
You can now search for images with only keywords
Just type ,@img, in textbox and search for images by keyword and choose any image that you want to send


1st very congratulations on the new update. Your work is great.

also one thing. Cant be Images a little bit bigger in size.
and also does this extension work with firebase

If you mean dynamic images yes I can set it bigger but fir now I set it to take automatic size
And wihch extension do you mean that works with firebase, I only uses API for search for images

Thank you very much that’s makes me happy :blush:

  1. Can I use it as my Chat Screen instead of the Traditional Kodular Chat View?

  2. How much it will cost?

If I want to buy it, How can I buy it?