This is my new chat app

This is My new chat app
what do you think of it?

Advanced APK file

Basic AIA file

If you want advanced aia file it costs 5$ via PayPal just complete the payment and the file directly will be downloaded to your device :point_down:
Buy Advanced aia file
See here advanced chat app topic :


Good app! Can you post the .aia file or the .apk file of your app?


Wow, Awesome!
Can you share .aia?


Don’t beg for aia.
If the developer wanted, he would have done it already or will do it. Or maybe @_Ahmed want to sell the aia.


Good work man… better you can add a demo apk, there by people can see your work and will approach if they prefer to buy.

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Ok, and I saw his video description, he said he will post the free aia file after it is completed.

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This an aia file if you want to buy it contact me telegram : Telegram: Contact @Ahmed87650

You originally promised it would be free. Why are you now charging for it?

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Look this is and aia file but message only in the description of this vedio : Cool UI chat app "NOX" free aia - YouTube
But the other one above I have recently decided that is paid aia.

Well, from the beginning of the post I thought strange that the developer gave the aia for free. :scream:And I also thought it strange​:face_with_monocle: that users who don’t want to try and learn, ask for free aia… 🤷

But, it seems that everything is back to normal: developer charging for your work.

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Its actually very easy to build chat applications you just need to give time on the UI, else the Koding part is quite easy.
Try yourself once.

I actually tried one just now, just looking at his designer and thinking ideas.

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Can you show me the part of sending image message from your blocks so i can detect the problem and help you .

Or I expect that you may exchange between massage and image in the block of receiver so check it if it is true.

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See his problem here

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In this block you put only message block without image message and this cause to send image as a URLso you should use if function and add image block in the part of else or else if
Try to modify it.


Ok thanks l will do that

How can I show online offline and typing status?
I made chat app and did something like this but only i see my own online status and typing when keyboard on .

Not working sending image from my site twice and receiver ggets only image url

Can u pls explaine with some block

Not working .

I made change as u said
Still not working