[Paid] Extension: Fully OverLaping UiDesign And Unlimited Custom List

Directly in the vertical scrollable arrangement, it is not possible. Just apply a little logic. If you place a scrollable vertical arrangement in a parent vertical arrangement, you will get this result.


It’s mandatory to mention a currency as you are in global forum or unless you specify a region

Ok I agree .but is it possible to overlap any component on top of this button ?

Give a preview I’ll definitely make it…

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Pls make like this here is preview

I can ask a question, please don’t get me wrong: One scroll over the other, without the user being able to see what is under the other scroll. What use? Will the back scroll come forward and the front scroll back? It is ?

Yes it is also posible

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It would be good to show to increase the credibility of your extension. Just a suggestion. :+1:

wait 5 to 10 min

Its Simple to make it

@varsha is it the same?


yes thats possible


Because that way, one scroll over the other, hiding the content, in my opinion, is useless.
Or is there any use? Or do I need more COFFEE? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

yes that i know even @varsha knows, its just a challenge to make it without extension…


I got it … I was playing with Turbo Pascal, there was no graphic screen, nor WINDOWS … only DOS Operating System … :+1:


I dont think so.

One cup for me too. :grin:

Its not that difficult, am I right @nikzdreamer2001
It can be done easily, by making some changes in this guide


that take 9 min for me to make it

For me too

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Thats also possible to make it…
For me…
these are simple thing and can be made easily…
and its much easy as compared to your extension…

i respect you work but make something unique and its complicated to use your extension as comparison to build custom one


thank you for your contribution

let me suggest you to think about this again…
see for example

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I will try to add important blocks description thanks