[PAID] Onesignal Push - Implement OneSignal push notification in your apps (Discontnued)

It seems to have solved the issues with Firebase Auth for me. Thank you. I am now able to compile and run my app.

I ran into a little problem with “AskPermission” block, tho.

Although it showed the popup asking for notification permission at first run, I had no “Screen.Permission Granted” called back for “POST_NOTIFICATIONS”.

That made my app fail to initialize properly, since I use that callback to check whenever all needed permissions are good to go.

The solution for me was replacing “OnesignalPush.AskPermission” with "Screen.Ask For Permission (permission Name)” passing “POST_NOTIFICATIONS” as a parameter. That made the callback work properly as before the updates.

Just a heads up for anyone going through the same process.

Thank you for the update.

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@iamwsumit About offline verification: my AI2 Store account is a different email than my Kodular Creator and Firebase accounts. But yet the extension seems to be working correctly. Am I missing something or the emails from the store and Kodular/Firebase does not need to be the same?

Thank you.

The email that you provide at the time of purchase(in payment details) must match with your kodular account email address, you can use any email for creating ai2 store account or firebase account. The only thing must be done is to provide your kodular email in payment details.



Note for All Extensions

Offline verification are introduced now you can not change your email after purchasing the extension, so make sure to enter correct builder email address before purchasing it otherwise you have to purchase it twice for your correct email. You will get the same warning on the app, please read it else you will be own responsible for your loss.


I’m still a little confused. It’s been a while since I did that purchase, sorry.

The email I use to login in AI2 app is a different one than Kodular Creator. Does that mean I informed you my Kodular Creator account email back when I purchased the extension and therefore my verification is ok?

Do you have any way of checking which email is offline verification checking against for my copy?

Thank you for the help.

Yes, I reset-ed all the payment emails some time ago so user can confirm their kodular email address again.

No, but if the extension is working in your kodular account then it’s for that email only.

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How to know the reason app crashing after adding the updated version?

Hello, I want to report a bug.

When there is another Push Notification component it causes the app to crash when opened

I deleted all other Push Notifications components and it already allowed me to open and it works perfectly

How do I make my notification have a large picture?

This extension is discontinued and would not be getting any future updates or support, prefer other available extensions.

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