[PAID] Onesignal Push - Implement OneSignal push notification in your apps

event when notification opened is not working. Please help

Please reply @iamwsumit You are online.

Onesignal Push v1.5.0 [Most Stable]

The new very stable update of onesignal push is here.

I am listing here all the changes done from the very initial version to the latest version.


  • Small Icon property has been added showing custom small icons now.


  • UnsubscribeWhenNotificationsAreDisabled property has been added.


  • SMS property has been added.


  • Notification permission changed event has been add, this event raises whenever user enable/disable the notification from settings.


  • Disable push has been added to unsubscribe the user.


  • Open the custom screen with custom start value on notification click.


  • Returns true if the notification of the app is enabled.



  • This extension works in all latest android devices (12,13 etc.), you can ask for a demo APK before purchasing.
  • You can not ask the notification permission again if it’s denied once, user has to manually enable it later. If your app target SDK 33 then you can ask this permission whenever you want.
  • Same file will be used in all builders with firebase auth and ad manager component.
  • I don’t guarantee about the working of this extension with other extensions, a custom version of the extension is required for this purpose which I can make paid, if I already have the custom version for an extension then I would provide it for free.
  • You must remove the inbuilt push notification component while using this extension.
  • This extension can’t be used with FCM together.
  • All bugs (up to now) related to the extension have been solved, there is not any currently known bug, if you are facing any problem then ask me personally.
  • Notifications are received even when the app is closed.
  • There is no problem in publishing the app to the play store with this extension.
  • You can only use this extension with one kodular account.
  • All events and functions of the extension work as they should, if you can’t make work then something is wrong in your side.
  • Small icon property requires min SDK 23, it would not show small icon below SDK 23 devices.
  • You can generate small here from here.

Bug Fixed

  • NotificationReceived event was not working.
  • NotificationOpened event crash whenever empty data was passed.
  • OnSubscribed event was not working.
  • AskPermission block was doing nothing.
  • Causing duplicate meta error while publishing to play store.
  • SendNotificationToUserIds was not working.


Notification works in all android devices with custom small icon.

Android 12

Android 13

Notification Permission in Android 13


This version is now out on the AI2 Store.

Download Link : AI2 Store
Deep Link: Onesignal Push


Thanks @Lollipop and @ashishlambat5 for testing the extension.

Thank you
Sumit :wink:


Open screen on click not working i tested

Notification will only launch your custom activity when the app is closed. If your app is opened and you clicked the notification then your current activity will be resumed and no new activity will be launched. However, NotificationOpened event will be triggered on that current activity.


Hello everyone this extension not working for AdmobAds Extension made by @JEWEL

developer - @iamwsumit and @JEWEL
I think no one should buy extensions from these two developers if you want both features in your application.

It can happen, that 2 extensions are not compatible. . These 2 developers could add a note in their documentation about this incompatibility


(post deleted by author)

Can you name it? I remember making a custom version of my onesignal for your applovin and admob extension. And it is stupidness to ask developers to text me, what do they know about extensions? How they are supposed to ask me and understand my text? You could have messaged me own but you did not, whose pride it is now mine or yours?

So you want to say that your Hindi is not good that’s why you provided him such wrong information?

You said this because your Hindi is not good? That’s stupidity and total lie.
And still you did not answer when you messaged me.

He has nothing to now if you have fixed your extension. It should work usual.

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Posted as I was told.Sorry if I have misunderstood.
Both of you together can easily solve this problem.
Dear @iamwsumit @JEWEL faced some more problem regarding this extension so please corporate.
Thann you.

Remove your post now as it contains full fake information. You should never post something like that if you don’t have proof of that, you posted as you told, means jewel lied to you totally.


We Removed post coment

@iamwsumit can you not remove the library used in admob from your extension.
You can also give admob compatible version to your user.
definitely answer it.
Being a good developer, it is also your duty to solve the problem.
I believe both of you together can solve this problem.
@JEWEL and @iamwsumit please answer it

There is a bug in extension. I cant read permissions if denied. @iamwsumit

Please elaborate and provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks

After denying or allowing the permission, there is no any response from blocks.
No notifier is active.
Testing on Android 13

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Removing the if condition and using only the Notifier might help you to find out what is going on…

Vicky, there are some bugs in notifier block “show alert”. I mean this block is not working in latest android devices specially above andriod 10. Thank you, if it may be helpful for you.

Now i am using snackbar but still not getting message and open another screen
Is it mandatory to Change the sdk to 33 to use onesignal?