[PAID] Onesignal Push - Implement OneSignal push notification in your apps

i can’t figure out if onesignal push is working or not. can you tell me if it works?

Yes, it works completely in kodular with all components and all android versions.

can you tell me the latest price of the extension?

Mentioned on the top post.

I think I’m waiting for you to make an offer and sell at a lower price

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Why? As of today, one thousand rupees is only $12.2.

No racism intended, but I think you should lower the price for people outside of India. This 32.2% ($5.8) difference is extremely unfair for non-Indian students.


It certainly is not a cheap extension compared to others, but I can’t complain, it works perfectly and not least is the support provided, thing that Deep Host does not give.

Regarding the difference that you mention, paypal has a service commission plus currency conversion,
transfers in local currency between accounts or virtual wallets are generally free of charge

I respect the work of others and everyone puts a price on their effort, if it doesn’t work for someone, they are free to look for alternatives.

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I know that PayPal does have a high commission fee (2.99% as I’m told) for transactions. But, PayPal wouldn’t charge a 32.2% fee off a small transaction …

I guess I’m going off-topic here, so I’ll stop discussing. But, I still think this large difference is unjust.

Differential Pricing is greatly accepted on this platform as well as outside.
Check firebase,canva plan for US, India & Other. Most of the time, companies do consider purchasing power parity.


Pricing depends on the Extension Developers,
so it’s their choice to charge anything they want as we don’t know what they are charged for international transanctions, if we want we can buy it else not,
so not to compare about the pricings local and international,

Bcoz Deephost also charges 5$ which also costs more than twice the amount of local pricing 2$


We Find Cheap Price With Support Why Choose Expencive Extension :+1:

For a payment of $18, he will receive something around $16.5



Wrong. Discrimination. Price should not be same in different currencies but it can’t be exaggerated in the name of transaction fees.

No point talking about him here.


Long ago, a community was a place of collaboration about something. When I want to buy/sell something, I must go to the market. I understand that work must be rewarded, of course, but ultimately, I only see a market (expensive, by the way) and no community,

By the way, I have donated to some coder for sharing their work. That is just my opinion. Greetings


is it possible to use this extension with firebase authentication ?
if not, can i use FCM and firebase Authentication at the same time?
i have tried using old onesignal with editing Androidmanifest.xml file its not working.

Onesignal Push and FCM both works with Firebase Authentication(atleast for kodular).

can you please sponsor me onesignal push or fmc the better you think for me?please i will donate you my 1st income
i am not saying its expensive but i cant afford it for my school project, hope you understand.

please reply @iamwsumit so i can get to know what are your thoughts about sponsorship.

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