(Paid)Selling Kodular App "Connect" Connect any website in one tap

Connect - Connect any website in one tap

Today I gonna introduce you with Professional App for working remotely in one tap. This app contains many features that you can read in the features section of this post.

Attractive Feature :
1-The First attraction of this app is the UI design and the movements of opening and closing websites and app.
2- The second attraction of this app is that in app you can connect to more than 40 websites in one tap.
3- For making screen large there a option to hide menu options it makes screen large to do work on sites.

This screen comes only first time when app is opened.

After this screen whenever app will open this screen comes.

Main screen
Large screen image|286x500](upload://hmyilwMbC2skhZs6m73XG2BOb1R.png)
Small screen
Large screen after hiding options
Connect to websites in one tap

About developer Page

Play station

Work station
Social networking
Some other sites

!!! In app feedback options
!!! New network error screen when phone isn’t connected to newtwork
!!! User can add their favourite site in the lists just putting site name and url with paid method
!!! In app updates

I am selling this app If someone will buy then i will always provide him/her all the new updates for the app after selling also like those upper upcoming features I will be connected to that person w\ho will buy it so i can provide him/her updates of app.

((( +Cost is consisit of these things
+Adding Sites - Rs.51 / 0.69$
+UI -Rs 50 / 0.68$
+Working on it like it consumed my time (two months) and giving all updates whenever i will do in app- Rs.- 80 / 1.08$
+For thinking Idea - Rs.20 / 0.27$ )))

Apk - CONNECT.apk (6.3 MB)
Final price for app
– INR - Rs.-201
– USD - 2.73$
Please First install the app then comment
For buying PM me

App video

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What is this?
Please make your post understandable
You have written all test like heading

now is it okay? @Sumit1334

Please describe your app more and working function

I can’t understand this​:point_up_2:

What are all this?:point_up_2:

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see i have done some edit there and also this means of point 3

small screen
options hidden large screen
download apk and try may it will be more clear


Costsheet :wink:

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you got it

I will suggest to improve the UI

did you installed apk
Install app then tell is that okay or not?

improve ui it’s not so good!!!

really did u installed app?

what you mean aren’t screenshots from apk?

these are but in app these looks so much good

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We can see in screenshot

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does apk make it good? … if yes then it does not

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you may need to try the apk please first try

but screenshots are from apk it does not make difference apk does not make it look good

Why don’t you record your screen and attach it in post?


as i described here so may you all need to install app for best ui

ya wait i’m doing

Ok I installed but it looks same

Well If you tell I can improve the UI :sunglasses:

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