(Paid)Selling Kodular App "Connect" Connect any website in one tap

What did you plan? @Mangal_Nath_Yadav
of the UI

Then It would be a prettynice app :+1:

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i also installed it it looks the same
it is good but improving will make it more good


what should i do for it

Make your bg a bit transparent

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what should be done in ui to make it more attractive

Thanks i will do

Improve the UI yourself or tell other koders

Like use somecard views, Improve the background, improve the contrasts, and professional UX

but i don’t know how to improve in bg i have put one image in all the app


Do these first
Yeah and also see the post above by @gopi

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By the way i’m not gfx designer @PRATY_PROGRAMME_S_LABS

Yeah But You HAVE to make it up @Mangal_Nath_Yadav

(you can tell me as stated above)