[PAID] Shoot The Balloon Game ! Game aia file for Sale

Merry Christmas Everyone !
Finally i was able to create a game on kodular using Canvas and Image sprites . I tried my best on user interface. If anyone wants to get any kind of application developed then i can also develop for them .

Player have to shoot as many as balloon they can . If you hit the black balloon , game will be over ! Balloons speed increases as points increases.

Such games can be put on playstore without any policy violation issues. I hope you like the game and if you find any bugs or errors then please let me know.
I always try to show capabilities of platform like kodular that such apps can be created on this platform with good skills.

Important message : There are lots of video on youtube with title game aia file but unfortunately most of them are webviewer based app which is totally not accepted on playstore. They are not even game , they are just webviewer applications which run game web links. Sad to know developers are spending time in such waste webviewer apps and call it game.

Price : $24.99
Message me to get aia file.

APK Link : Balloon_shooter.apk - Google Drive
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Balloon Shooter Game Screenshots :

Hitesh K. Yadav
Indian Developers


good work,

Wow that’s a nice game! Keep it up :smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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thanks :smiley: for appreciation.

Good Job! Congratulations

Thank you , i love the response by members. i hope they like and coudnt see any bug.

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I found this bug. Have a look.

Bug description: A black layer comes and stops the interaction with the game

This basically occurs when we continue to tap even when game gets over and then we click on replay button

  1. Also when I press the device’s home button to send the app to background the waves sound which you have kept on first screen of your game continues to play

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thanks a lot for letting me know . i will chek it and let u know the update.

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Congratulations on the game, I like it

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Thank you for appreciation .

Good job nice game

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looks good very nice

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THANKS for appreciation.

thank you for your feedback

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Nice game! :+1:


its my personal app . i cant provide u the aia file.

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Thanks @Italo

Please don’t go around asking for aia files. Create your own instead.